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Gage Cogs

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Gage Cogs

Post by jac600 on Sat Jul 25, 2015 8:21 am

Face Claim: Toshiro Hitsugaya

Basic Information:
Name: Gage Cogs


Birthday: April 13

Gender: Male

Orientation: Straight

Love Interest: N/A

Basic Information Continued:
Appearance: Gage has the appearance of a young man. Not a day over twenty years old. He has green eyes a fair complexion with few blemishes and pure, non pale white skin. His hair is also white, long for a man's normally. He has no facial hair short of his eyebrows and his hair is well groomed. He stands of average height, has a muscular build and weighs slightly over two hundred pounds. In battle he wears a heavy set of armor comprised of leather and steel plate. It covers him from the neck down, including a pair of boots. His right arm is the most heavily armored. He also wears an enchanted red bandanna that acts like a fully functioning gas mask and a pair of goggles that let him see through clouds of ash.

Personality: Gage is very optimistic, despite where the world is headed and all the awful things that have happened he never gives up hope that one day things can all be better than they ever were before. He is not perfect, he has a great temper inside of him born of loss and guilt. He hates it when the God’s mage faction disregards human life for no reason, he has come to accept that many losses will be necessary for their plans. But he hates it when they disregard needless suffering and death. Especially that of children. He has been teaching for several years and he has grown to love many of his students. Fiercely protecting them with his life. He is no nonsense, a man who has killed before and won’t hesitate to kill other men again. Gage is an unrelentingly tough man, clawing his way out of more grim situations then he could count. He hates looking into the eyes of the statues he makes.

History: Gage never knew his father, all his young life he only had his single mother to take care of him as he was growing up. They did not have very much money, but they scraped by. She was a sickly, but tough woman with pure white hair that she gave to him. The gift did him no favors when he was young, sticking out in the rough part of town was never good. He could not get near high enough grades to get himself into the college he wanted, the teachers he had were… undedicated. Very poor at their jobs. So he joined the army when he was of age, wanting to give the old woman back some money. She was getting sick, in a bad way. Out there, he saw death, violence, despair. But he also knew camaraderie, friendship, and hope. He knew what it meant to look a man in the eyes and take his life. This all happened over a short time, he also learned something totally different about himself.

He was a mage. A natural one. On one day a battle was going south, he was able to provide cover on the mountain path for all of his fellow surviving soldiers to escape. He was a bonafide hero, got sent home with a metal and everything. Hardly got any time to come to terms with his magic. Not even knowing he was getting stronger and stronger. When his time was up he came home, his mom's time was up too. The money he had sent home was simply gone.

He fell into a depression after that. He considered his options, and was packed up and about to walk out the door to go back to the army a week later when he heard a knock on the door. It turns out the god mage faction was looking for war hero mages to join their own cause. When he told the rep he was not interested, it actually turned out she had some very persuasive things to say about his career options and their plans for the multiverse. It dawned on him… If they could toss out the old ways of the academy and use magic to it’s full potential. Then there was a chance that in other worlds. He could stop her from even getting sick. Practically the next best thing. He joined a few years ago and got to work educating young minds on magic. He knew what was happening, where they were coming from. But he figured that if he could make their live a little better. Then things would all be alright. He would do anything to undo his mistakes.

Spiritual Profile:
Allegiance: God mage faction

Rank: Blacklight 1 Star Misc-mage

Mana Gem Type: Ash

Combat Style: Gage often starts off combat by blasting massive amounts of ash around him in order to conceal himself and provide cover, seeing clearly and breathing just fine in any ash. Or running away. Magic wise within ten meters he can blow a blast of ash that will blind an opponent fully for two posts. His close combat style revolves around attempting to crush and smash men with his hammer. He uses the heavy armor on his arm as a shield. He wields his hammer with deadly accuracy and power.


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Re: Gage Cogs

Post by Nagi on Sat Jul 25, 2015 12:32 pm

Actually the ability where he turns people into stone is a bit OP, and an ash mage wouldn't really be able to turn people to stone. Also using guns wouldn't really be in the spirit of a magic rp, so maybe you could replace that with some kind of projectile spell?

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Re: Gage Cogs

Post by Headmaster Blacklight on Mon Jul 27, 2015 6:41 pm

We appreciate you for working diligently with us ^_^. This character application is...
Headmaster Blacklight
Headmaster Blacklight

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Re: Gage Cogs

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