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Headmaster Blacklight

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Headmaster Blacklight

Post by Headmaster Blacklight on Sat Jul 25, 2015 6:46 pm

Face Claim: Unsure (If you know who this is please let me know) x3

Basic Information:
Name: Alexander Adolf Blacklight (Headmaster Blacklight)

Age: Appears not a day over 35 but his actual age remains unknown

Birthday: January 1st

Gender: Male

Orientation: Heterosexual

Love Interest: Jackie Sunny Blacklight (NPC)

Basic Information Continued:
Appearance: Headmaster Blacklight stands at the height of 6'3 weighing in on a total of 164lbs. Keeping up with the latest styles and trends for centuries the man keeps his blonde hair trimmed low in a nice neat bowl cut. His bangs fall just enough to rest above his eyelids, refraining from irritating his sky blue eyes that hides behind his specs. Along with his boyish look the man maintains a boyish body. His figure would feed foreigners who know not of his existence as a wimp for their first impression but to those who are well aware of his existence note the one with the blonde hair, glasses, and the cigarette bud is a living hell on earth.

Personality: To be noted in magic history as the most powerful male mage to walk the earth the Headmaster fails to play his role. In short, Headmaster Blacklight is a total air head, making blondes everywhere look worse then what society already labels them. Although he is possibly one of the sweetest people ever known to man his constant short term memory often causes him and his school to miss great fortune. This is how he was as a child and now he hasn't changed a simple bit. This alone makes it difficult to encounter and maintain a conversation with the Headmaster but despite his short comings he also makes up for it with a few of his better traits.

For starters, The Headmaster is actually a rather intellectual man. He may forget something he just said but his naive personally is sure to have people in questioning when he displays his knowledge on certain topics. His combat tactics are beyond comprehension. He does his best to ensure all of the students within the gates of his school are educated with skills to ensure they are never anything but successful later on in life. When it all comes down to it one thing can always be assured with him, The Headmaster always knows whats best.

History: Headmaster Blacklight is a man who's name will be known in the magical texts books forever having been the world's first real mage. As a boy being raised in the land of Egypt the young clansmen never had much to look forward to in life. Everything was the same routine. Wake up, do your share and tend to your daily chores, and go to sleep, This was all he ever knew until the night the first gem fell from the sky. One night after examining the annual meteor shower the blacklight actually witness what would soon be known as the alpha gem fall from the heavens and being the young curious boy that he was he raced to the scene.

Arriving to the craters site that wasn't too far from his small village he hopped in the whole, filled with ruble from the impact, to get a closer look of what a star actually looked like. Upon contact Blacklight was knocked into a deep trans for a week. The child would then awake exactly seven days later in the process of his own funeral. In amazement the people being of such religious influence instantly labeled his awakening as a miracle. Shortly after this event, Blacklight was said to produce even more miracles for  people. He was able to produce land, crops, animals, and wealth bringing great fortune to his fellow clansmen. He was then idled as a living god before them and they worshiped him.
As time progressed things were at their finest always. Thanks to his newly received powers thanks to the alpha gem Blacklight was able to produce nothing but piece upon his people until the day it happened. Blacklight was awakened by the the sounds of shrieking cries of sorrow and the collapsing of nearby structures. Blacklight would then race outside to find the source of the problem and he examined a beserked child who was crazed with some sort of spiritual power.

Never meeting anyone else able to produce magic he took on the child with caution. In a long drawn out fight, Blacklight was forced to tap into an unspeakable power and used every last bit to destroy the berserked child. Having successfully won the battle Blacklight fainted, resting for an uncertain amount of time. Awaking in his own clans hospitality he immediately demanded answers but to his surprise, the cause of the incident was found and he was to be summoned to a trial ceremony. Arriving fashionably late Blacklight was nominated the guest of honor and the trial temporarily stopped in his honor. Acknowledging All of their praise he nodded here and there before he took his seat. The chief of the clan waited for Blacklight to sit down before he signaled his guards to bring the traitor that they hid from Blacklights sight for they were no longer worthy of being in his sight back out. Blacklight usually never stayed long for these kinds of things but after realizing his sister was now being trialed before the chief under the conviction of treason he eager stayed.

She then rambled on pleads for rational thoughts and for the longest time Blacklight believed her until the chief made it clear that he wasn't in the mood for games. Her sweet voice and personality changed altogether, as she confessed to her crime. Blacklight felt ill hearing this side he had never seen of his sweet loving big sister as she thoroughly and happily explained how she abstracted DNA from her own brother night after night until she figured how recreate the gem that gave him power. The chief had had enough and stopped her from over exciting herself as she educated the clan of the artificial gem and he sentenced her to death. In mixed emotions Blacklight begged the chief to spare her life. Even though she was a traitor who committed an unheard of crime she was still his sister.

Unwillingly he cooperated and sentenced her to banishment. Her knowledge was and experiments were to be burned and she was banished from the clan for ever. God Mage cooperated and left, never to be seen again. As time passed so did everyone Blacklight ever knew and loved. They had all grown old and died while his gem kept him young and alive for centuries. He then traveled the world, educating himself on the vast cultures while in the process of harnessing his own power. More stars eventually rained down from the heavens blessing others just as the alpha gem had blessed him. At some point he decided to sit down and start his very own family. Marrying Jackie Sunny Blacklight his daughter, Samtha Blacklight was birthed into existence. She too, being born with fragments of the alpha gem, is destined to to become a great mage.

This tale brings us to modern day blacklight academy, A school founded and forever ran by Professor Blacklight. It was apparent that as the years went by more and more gems would bring a new generation of mages into existence. His goal is to educate them in using their talents responsible to avoid public discrimination against the "different". For years all is well up until recently when a psychotic gem entered and enrolled within his school. Instantly he recognized the same berzerk mentality it carried. There was no doubt about it, It was an artificial gem. Having become way stronger than he was before he instantly placed the evil soul that had tormented his staff and students out of commission. With a creation like this there was no doubt about it, his sister was still alive and up to her same sly tricks. This was her twisted way of greeting him after centuries and now she was picking a fight. It was then time to update the curriculum of the school. Its original intentions were to train mages to control their abilities but now we may just need to teach these kids how to defend themselves in combat as well.

Spiritual Profile:
Allegiance: Blacklight Academy

Rank: Headmaster

Mana Gem Type:Alpha
No one knows for sure what all the Headmaster can do but as time has progressed his gem has proved to hold limitless power.

Combat Style: Although the Headmaster doesn't promote magical violence it is unfortunately necessary in these current days in times. The Headmaster himself has three different levels of combat. In most scenarios, he prefers to run away, selling the false appearance of cowering in fear in hopes of either tiring or boring his opponent but when these actions prove futile he moves onto the second level. Within his next level of combat, having assumed there was no way out of the fight the professor, now taking interest, holds his ground by toying with his enemy while using standard magical casts and skills. Only having realized that the fight has become a live or die situation the Headmaster puts his fun and games to a rest and demonstrates what power really is through all his centuries of being alive revealing power never thought possible. The last and only time he was in this state was when he dealt with his sister, the so called God Mage, centuries ago.

Miscellaneous: Despite his high rank in the magical world Headmaster Blacklight is extremely ticklish, both Physically and Verbally. xD What a childish man

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Re: Headmaster Blacklight

Post by Samtha blacklight on Mon Jul 27, 2015 9:47 pm

this app is hereby...
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