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Ranking System (WIP) @Headmaster

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Ranking System (WIP) @Headmaster Empty Ranking System (WIP) @Headmaster

Post by Headmaster Blacklight on Sun Jul 26, 2015 1:34 am

Here within BLARP users will be permitted to undergo a series of tasks that will allow them to rank up, thus permitting them to use even more devastating techniques on the flexible side. What we mean by this is we're allowing users to create their own techniques with their magic but they must have a foundation before they are to do so. For the Blacklight players we have the 1st star mages as the first tier class and D ranked mages for our God Mages. Any of the basic elements listed in the basic elements post are permitted to be assumed however for users who wish to possess a unique gem element must consult and have the approval of two admins. All users are to start at their first tier rank unless granted special permission by two admin as well. This rule is to avoid confusion and false confrontation on behalf of the staff.

Once approved, players will be permitted to advance into the role play. The idealistic goal is to become the strongest mage and help defend your side from the significant other. In order to achieve this goal users are to complete a series of tasks, tests, and missions. For every assignment successfully completed experience points are distributed. These experience points, like in any other game, helps user's work their way up to the next tier, revealing new abilities. This topic illustrates the ranking system BLARP will follow and how these new positions are to be achieved.

Blacklight Academy Ranking System:
Ranks Description Basic AbilitiesRequirements
1 Star MageRookie Mages(None)(WIP)
2 Star MageIntermediate Mages(WIP)(WIP)
3 Star MageSkiled Mages(WIP)(WIP)
4 Star Mage(WIP)(WIP)(WIP)
5 Star Mage(WIP)(WIP)(WIP)
Blacklight Staff(WIP)(WIP)(WIP)
God Mage Academy Ranking System:
Ranks Description Basic AbilitiesRequirements
D Ranked MageRookie Mages(WIP)(WIP)
C Ranked MageIntermediate Mages(WIP)(WIP)
B Ranked MageSkiled Mages(WIP)(WIP)
A Ranked Mage(WIP)(WIP)(WIP)
S Ranked Mage(WIP)(WIP)(WIP)
Lab Directors(WIP)(WIP)(WIP)
Headmaster Blacklight
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Ranking System (WIP) @Headmaster Empty Re: Ranking System (WIP) @Headmaster

Post by Samtha blacklight on Fri Aug 14, 2015 1:44 am

I have a few ideas for the needed reauirements the students must either take tests or finsh quest or odd jobs
Samtha blacklight
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