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Blacklight Academy Curriculum (WIP)

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Blacklight Academy Curriculum (WIP)

Post by Headmaster Blacklight on Sun Jul 26, 2015 1:22 pm

Blacklight Academy Curriculum
Here at Blacklight Academy we prep our young mages for a future that awaits. The world is a harsh place enough as is, adding "different" to the equation only makes matters worse. The purpose of Blacklight Academy is to ensure a peaceful and successful life to those who possess gems by providing magical guidance as well a solid academic foundation. It wasnt up until recently, when another artificial mage was spotted, that magical combat and self defense became top priority. With potential threats haunting Blacklight mages everywhere a recent decision was made to step up the curriculum.

Blacklight Academy Curriculum System:
Rank: 1 Star Mage
Description: Rookie mages of Blacklight Academy
Rank Focus: Develop and comprehend magical bonds
Lesson Plans: magic 101
Exams: basic magic history exam, magic 101 test
Basic Skills: basic spells for your Mage type
Graduation Requirements: none

Rank: 2 Star Mage
Description: Intermediate mages of Blacklight Academy
Rank Focus: Projectile mana usages
Lesson Plans: combat basic training
Exams: combat spells and there uses
Basic Skills: two star spells
Graduation Requirements: mastering two star magic

Rank: 3 Star Mage
Description: Skilled mages of Blacklight Academy
Rank Focus: Comprehending the advance arts of Combat and Defense
Lesson Plans: combat and defense for juniors
Exams: blocking and targeting
Basic Skills: trowing more then one spell at a time
Graduation Requirements: finsh two and one star training

Rank: 4 Star Mage
Description: Elite mages of Blacklight Academy
Rank Focus: Mastering and maneuvering all basic mana principles (Refering to your mana type)  
Lesson Plans: these will Depand on mana type
Exams: Depands on mana type
Basic Skills:depands on magic type
Graduation Requirements: finsh grades one two and three

Rank: 5 Star Mage
Description: Prodigal mages of Blacklight Academy
Rank Focus: Develop and construct customed devastating techniques
Lesson Plans:(WIP)
Basic Skills:(WIP)
Graduation Requirements:(WIP)
Headmaster Blacklight
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