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Pierrots' Tears

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Pierrots' Tears

Post by JustAVagrant on Mon Aug 24, 2015 1:36 pm

General Info:
Weapon Name: Pierrots' Tears

Weapon Appearance: The Pierrots' Tears appears to not be much more than a simple staff at first glance with a green glowing orb at its tip, and it isn't. It is simply an extremely durable orb mounted onto a dark brown wooden staff. The staff is about three feet in length and is not especially useful in melee combat considering it is made of wood. See Jonah Hatter's profile.

Weapon Properties: The orb on the end of the staff is the only part that actually does any thing the rest is just to make it easy to hold. The Pierrots' Tears or the Tears for short can shift in color at the will of the wielder, but it takes a post. At the end of the staff that is opposite to the Tears is a metal tip that can be used for melee combat if Jonah absolutely has to.

Weapon Abilities: The Tears' many colors allow Jonah to change the property of her water in many ways. So far she has only managed to figure out how to use the red and blue settings as they were the most intuitive. As long as The Pierrots' Tears are within 20 feet of Jonah it feeds off of her mana. The orb of The Pierrots' Tears was formed by the tears of her deceased brother. See Jonah Hatter's history.

First she learned how to use The Tears' red setting. While using The Tears' are red the orb becomes hot enough to burn those it comes in contact with. While red The Tears always cause any water (doesn't do anything to people except make them lose water throw sweat a little) within twenty feet of her to evaporate spontaneously.

While The Tears' are blue it  causes ten feet in diameter of water to freeze on contact and allows Jonah to spontaneously freeze water she is controlling. Water frozen this way is about as hard as steel. There are other effects that she may gain access to when she ranks up. She can change her orb to any color she can imagine even if she can't use its magic.

(It Jonah forcefully prevents the orb from feeding on her mana then it stops working that post and stops glowing the next post, but she has to actively do so. The orb still feeds off of her mana just at half of the rate it normally does so it is like a standby mode.)

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Re: Pierrots' Tears

Post by Samtha blacklight on Mon Aug 24, 2015 1:49 pm

nice weopan arppoved
Samtha blacklight
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