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Mark McClark (Done!)

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Mark McClark (Done!) Empty Mark McClark (Done!)

Post by Mr.Raccoon on Tue Sep 01, 2015 11:10 am

Image: Mark McClark (Done!) Hei-im10
Mark McClark (Done!) 1758c910

Face Claim: Hei (Darker Than Black)

Basic Information:
Name: Mark McClark

Age: 18

Birthday: 13 October

Gender: Male

Orientation: Heterosexual

Love Interest: -

Basic Information Continued:
Mark is a young, healthy man. The mage is 5,9 ft tall, he is very slim. He has black hair long to his neck. His eye color is grey. McClark has a fair complexion and grey eyes. He ususally wears a polo sweaters, black long leather coats. He also wears brown leather gloves. When he fights with his enemies, he wears a white mask that covers his face.

Personality: Mark has two personalities different from each other. The first can be seen when he doesn't wear his mask. He's very friendly, tries to make friends, helps everyone as much as he can then. He spends his free time studying magic, to be more powerful. The second personality is when he wears his mask. He's quiet, calm and fights with everyone who causes problems then.
There are things that are present in both parts of his personality. He's very inteligent and can always think logically.  

History: He was born in a noble family. Form the youngest years he had everything. Mark used to spend a lot of time studying magic and getting knowledge. He even had his own magic teacher. However, his family was attacked and destroyed by the ones that were his father's friends and allies. Young Mark escaped, using the magic he learnt. He couldn't find anything for himself to do, so he decided to use his shadow magic to do some...Dark stuff. However, one day, he decided that his skills are not enough so he has to get more knowledge. That's why he joined the blacklight academy

Spiritual Profile:
Allegiance: Blacklight Academy

Rank: 2 star

Mana Gem Type: Shadows

Combat Style: Assassinations, attacks from surprise. Teleporting between shadows.


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