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James Lyon (FINISHED)

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James Lyon (FINISHED)

Post by James the Seer on Sun Nov 29, 2015 10:05 pm

Face Claim:Ganta

Basic Information:
Name: James Lyon

Age: 19

Birthday: June 30th, 1996

Gender: Male

Orientation: Straight

Love Interest: Hmm, none you need to worry about.

Basic Information Continued:
Appearance:  I look like a kid, but I'm 19. What else do you want from me. You see my picture, use it to figure out what I look like and leave me alone. Also, I wear all black, and a nice gray collar around the neck, and no, I won't tell you what the collar is for. Don't you worry about it, I'm dealing with it on my own time. I really like the color black, suits my needs, so you know, the usual black shorts, black pants or shorts, black shoes, black socks, I wish i could dye the collar black but that's not going to happen. Black hair, light gray eyes. I have a green janitor's outfit that you see in the picture for when i go undercover, which I don't do a lot  because undercover is just so boring.

Personality: Um, sacrastic. Yeah, lets's see, carefree, except in a fight, where I get serious, I don't look like much, and that's what throws people off about me. I may seem young, but trust me when I say, don't pick a fight with me unless you're willing to accept the costs behind it. I always seem to be on guard, always having situational awareness, looking for any sort of trouble. Thankfully, I don't go seek trouble, trouble seeks me out, sometimes, multiple times a day. I'm a little arrogant, not enough to get  me killed, but enough to tick off those around me, which seems to happen a lot, those short tempered fools.

History: What to say about myself? I was born with the gift of magic, which started manifesting itself about when I was six. The Blacklighters came to my parents who refused to give me up, and the "Fake" Godists came to take me away when I was seven. That was a battle that didn't go well for either side. My parents died, and I was left alone. I ran and hide, and started hiding, learning how to harness my gifts. My technique of fighting with runes came with a need to defend my body at all times, even while I slept, and runes made the perfect trap for any unaware enemy trying to sneak up on me. As such, I learned how to rune myself, my enemies, objects, and my environment around me. And I survived, for the next 12 years, alone. Today, I decide, no more. I will fight for my own path, I will fight to avenge, and I will fight for my own place among the "greats."

Spiritual Profile:
Allegiance: Independent

Rank: One stared Mage (whatever an independent mage of 1 stars will be)

Mana Gem Type: Lightning-Air-Earth mix

Combat Style: Runes

James the Seer

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Re: James Lyon (FINISHED)

Post by Samtha blacklight on Sat Dec 12, 2015 7:16 pm

Samtha blacklight
Samtha blacklight

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