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Orendi Deathborn (WIP)

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Orendi Deathborn (WIP)

Post by Necrones Triarca on Fri Apr 29, 2016 7:26 pm


Face Claim: Battleborn, Character - 'Orendi'

Basic Information:
Name: Deathborn, Orendi

Age: 17

Birthday: 3rd of May

Gender: Female

Orientation: Asexual

Love Interest: N/A

Basic Information Continued:
Appearance: Height - 5 foot 4 inches or 162cm/ weight - 48Kg or 105lb

Orendi has a thin and slender body type, this is easily noticeable even when she is adorned with clothing. The most Defining part of Orendi is that not only does her left eye glow a chaotic bright red, but she has six eyes one being her normal eye which is her right and is light brown in colour, she also has four arms each having the remaining four of her eyes. These four eyes have the same chaotic red as her left eye does, but instead they're located in the middle of her palms.  This gives her a creepy and intimidating appearance. Most people would prefer walk away from Orendi and try not to gain her attention. Also around Orendi's eyes she has black markings, symbolizing corruption. Orendi's teeth are all sharp and pointy, but this is mostly hidden because she wears a stitched piece of cloth around her mouth.  

Orendi's natural skin type is pale, but the only places you can see this are her face and chest. The rest of her skin has a dark grey appearance, which gives her skin a charcoal look. Her hair is Dark black with a few singular streaks of red running through it which looks like blood. Her hair is long reaching around near her waist and is usually tied into pig tales.

Although Orendi doesn't physical appear like much, she is in fact quite strong. Her thin arms and legs, along with her small build makes her look weak, this used to make her prone to bullying at a younger age.

Another thing that makes her very intimidating is that she has a lot of pieces of a limiter around her body. To be exact she has a total of nine pieces, two on her upper right arm, one on her upper left arm, one on her lower right arm, and two on her lower left arm. These pieces have the appearance of Metal wrist bands with pyramid like spikes surrounding them on all sides. All these pieces contribute into a singular limiter.

In terms of Clothing Orendi usually wears A ragged and torn Orange vest with a grey undershirt. She also has a orange overshirt which has a white streak, and has a chaos banner on the back of it. She wears puffy grey,orange, and white shorts with a chaos banner on the front. The most defining piece of clothing Orendi wears is her hat, it sort of looks like a witches hat however the top is curved backwards and it has two broad brims which look like blades. The front of the hat has a symbol of an eye, which looks like her chaos eyes.

Personality: Orendi's personality is vastly complex, the only thing that is agreeable is that she is feared by most, unhinged, completely unpredictable, and surprisingly has a good sense of humor. She Enjoys watching others suffer either by psychical or mental means. Even while in battle it is hard to tell if she is getting personal or just simply playing around. She has several personality traits but the main ones are, Psychotic, emotionless, Random.

Psychotic - This part of Orendi is her most noticeable trait, She often says things and does things that are odd. She also tends to talk to herself quite a lot, whether she be discussing how to cook someones intestines or how to rip out their brain in one pull. She also tends to ask questions out loud and then answer them herself, even if her answer wasn't right.

Emotionless - It's not that Orendi wants to disregard her emotions, the problem is she doesn't know how to express them properly. This is due to her limited understanding of emotions and sympathy. So instead she practically disregards them as useless and confusing.    

Random - Orendi can often do or say things, out of nowhere, that most would think were totally insane. Whether that be attacking others for no reason because she thought their shadow was trying to attack her, or becoming really aggravated by someone even if they didn't do or say anything.

The strange thing is, that if someone was to totally disregard her Psychotic, Emotionless, random traits, you might see a different side of Orendi. Hidden deeply beneath all her confusing personality is a slight piece of her that shows itself very rarely. A side of her that is calm and curious, however most only judge her from how she acts naturally and as such she acts accordingly.


Spiritual Profile:
Allegiance: Blacklight Academy

Rank: One star - Chaos Mage (The reason for Orendi ranking so low is because of her  limiter)

Mana Gem Type: Chaos Gem

Combat Style: Spell Caster

Orendi is effective at close and medium range, she isn't as effective at long range but this doesn't pose as much of a weakness for her. Orendi's primary form of attack, Orendi channels bursts of chaotic energy to ravage her opponents at incredible speed, which she casts out of her eyes at targets. Her casting technique is manipulating Chaos stars made of mana which sit slightly above her hands, she manipulates an orb made of corrupted mana that sits above them and depending how she manipulates the orb is how she casts magic.



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Re: Orendi Deathborn (WIP)

Post by Samtha blacklight on Sat Apr 30, 2016 5:48 pm

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