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Jonah Hatter

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Jonah Hatter

Post by JustAVagrant on Mon Aug 24, 2015 2:38 pm


   Face Claim: I don't actually know, but according to the website it seems to be a drawing for a character skin on a game called Atlantica.

   Basic Information:
   Name: Hatter, Jonah

   Age: 17

   Birthday: March 20

   Sex/Gender: Female/Female

   Orientation: Straightish

   Love Interest:

   Basic Information Continued:
   Appearance: Jonah is naturally pale, but even still she applies thick white powder to her face every morning. Jonah is 5'8" and always wears a foot tall hat that can actually make feel her rather imposing at times despite her otherwise miniature stature. Jonah dresses in loose clothes that appear to be made of quilts and wears a large collar that makes it look like her head is growing out of a flower. Her fiery red hair and large blue eye mark her as a definite ginger and also allude to the freckles that hide deep beneath a thick layer of white make-up. On her left middle finger is her brother's gold ring which has a pearl nestled into its sturdy golden plated frame.

   Personality: Jonah Hatter, in a few words, is a wise fool. She is very sensitive to the feelings of others though she may pretend to not be. In her free time she hides her self away and will pull out one of the many books she keeps hidden up her left sleeve, generally they focus around philosophy or history. When interacting with others Jonah often comes off as all laughs and giggles and aims to keep a bubbly air around herself, sometimes literally. Under that layer of fun and bubbles Jonah gives careful consideration to things that she considers important. Like the rest of her life when in combat Jonah treats it like a game and will often tease her opponent when she gets the upper hand. When the opportunity presents itself She will speak in gibberish that is covers wise words with a thick shroud.

   History: Jonah's life as a child wasn't that eventful. She grew up in the shadow of her younger twin brother. Before they could remember they had been sold by their parents to a traveling circus. Jonah quickly mastered the tightrope and many of the tricks involved with it when her and her twin Matt were brought to the circus. It wasn't long though until her brother proved to be incredibly gifted in many of the other fields. As Jonah got older the crowds stopped wanting to see her as much which was fine with her because it meant she got to sell balloon animals to little kids and experience their smiles up close. From the stands she could see something else, she could see her brother performing, and it was beautiful.

Despite Jonah feeling like she was living in her brothers shadow she absolutely fawned over him, and he her. The two of them were inseparable, but as your dramatic instincts probably tell you this did not last long. Jonah was invited to Blackwell academy and upon her insistence her brother was allowed to join also. Matt was unable to use a lot of mana at once, but thanks to his physical prowess he was able to compensate with pure martial skill. The two of them were inseparable, and once Jonah discovered she was able to manifest more mana than most then she and her brother formed a perfect pair. It was just once that the two were separated. Matt had gone to get Jonah a gift, but after 3 hours had passed Jonah began to get separation anxiety.

Jonah searched the streets for hours before she found her brother lying dead in an alleyway. His body, blood, an orb, a bag, and so much blood. Jonah fell to the ground and didn't wake up until a few days later. When she woke up she was back in Blacklight academy and the gift bag her brother got her was by her side. Standing erect next to it was a card, it read: "Dear Jonah, Happy Birthday! I have been trying, so hard to pull myself out of your shadow, and I have finally mastered this magic thing. This orb was literally made with my sweat and tears-- I thought the blood thing would be a little creepy. Happy Birthday My Beloved Sister!! I am Super Duper proud of you." Jonah began crying as she reached the end of the letter and as she reached for the gift bag the distortion of reality caused by the tears caused her to knock the bag to the ground and a glowing sphere rolled out.

   Spiritual Profile:
   Allegiance:Blacklight Academy

   Rank: Blacklight 1 Star Watermage

   Mana Gem Type: Water

   Combat Style: Since The Tears drains so much of her mana, Jonah cannot do any large scale magic, so she focuses more on fine control and powerful smaller scale magic. She can control water in small foot in diameter orbs so long as they are within 20 feet of her. The number of these orbs she can control is only limited by her focus and so far she has maxed out at seven. She can shape these orbs, rapidly launch them at foes, or use The Pierrots' Tears on water she is controlling


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Re: Jonah Hatter

Post by Samtha blacklight on Mon Aug 24, 2015 2:51 pm

Very Happy
Samtha blacklight
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