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elizabeth maouva

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elizabeth maouva

Post by Samtha blacklight on Thu Feb 04, 2016 9:39 pm


Face Claim: unkown
Basic Information:
angel's Name: Elizabeth maouva

Age: 21

Birthday: January  21 1920

Gender: female

Orientation: bi

Love Interest: samtha blacklight (one sided)

Basic Information Continued:
Appearance: Liz is a tall slim woman with sliver hair rocker style hair red eyes. And wear a dark angel like outfit along with a cape. And two guns with holsters. she also wears a blood red coat and black gloves
Personality: Elizabeth is a loud mouth arrogant woman. who personality  go hand and hand with Samtha's own abrasive angst filled personality. her sarcasm and loud mouth way of looking at things her fathers gun is already there but her second gun come form her inner heaven. with is a world with red clouds that rain mini Samthas.

History: liz when she was human was born during the 20's to a cop and a telephone oporter. when she was 12 she got into her fathers guns and saw a relover her father caught her but instead of getting angry said one day these guns will be yours and when you need them the most they will be there for you.  She never understood what he meant till right before her death on her 21th birthday. She was reborn as a angel not the hevanly kind but what happens when someone with latinte magical abilities dies. then she meat samtha after being summoned for the first time.

Spiritual Profile:
mage's Allegiance: blacklight

battle Rank: 15

mage's Mana Gem Type: fire

Combat Style: duel guns

Miscellaneous: her onesided romance with her mage has confused her fellow angels and samtha herself who has no idea why her angel has sutch a crush on her
mage's name: Samtha blacklight
angel type: none winged
Samtha blacklight
Samtha blacklight

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Re: elizabeth maouva

Post by Elizabeth on Thu Apr 07, 2016 8:09 pm

FC : Jo (Burst Angel)

I'll be claiming this.


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Re: elizabeth maouva

Post by Samtha blacklight on Thu Apr 07, 2016 8:10 pm

all yours
Samtha blacklight
Samtha blacklight

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Re: elizabeth maouva

Post by Sponsored content

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