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how angels work

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how angels work

Post by Samtha blacklight on Tue Feb 16, 2016 5:37 am

what is a angel
an angel is what happens when a person with latent mana dies the mana and mana gem then leaves the host body and forms its own body with the host bodies personality and memories there former body then turns to dust form the dust an angel core is made and the angel is sucked inside

meeting ones angel
angel cores are usly show to a group of mages each mage then picks the core that bust suits there personality and mana type

making the pact
the pact between an angel and his or her mage is usly a erotic or romantic bounding ritual thee angel and there mage go into a dark room or cave where they are locked tighter for a week or more depending on the mana level of the mage they must bring there items clothes food bedding and anything else they need at the end of the week the angel and mage should have a matching mark on them that mark depacts the bound the stronger the bond the more marks they share

caring for your  angel
angels have emotions and needs like a living person while they don't need sleep they bond must be renewed ounce every month

angels love to battle one another in there inner heavens
a an  inner heaven is where most angels go to talk or fight eatch other and a fight between angels must be monitored by there mages at the end of the fight they are given a new rank a inner heaven is usly made ounce the pact is finshed and the bond is formed
angels can lend power
angels can lennd there life force witch is peer mana to there mages by way of the bond this is done by touch
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