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The Beginning

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The Beginning

Post by Headmaster Blacklight on Mon Jul 20, 2015 8:55 pm

The tale of the gems begins in the very origins of Blacklights life. In the era of pharaohs and pyramids, Blacklight would only be the age of seven when he'd encounter the world's very first gem. The encounter would soon be labeled in history as the day the world changed forever.

Late in the midnight hour Blacklight often liked to spend his time examining the stars that flickered in the night sky. It had become a habit of his he'd developed a while back. He felt as if there was always something more to life, if only he could reach it. These simultaneous thoughts constantly had him peering up at the stars. This habit of his would soon grant him an opportunity no one had ever imagined possible.

On the night of the annual meteor shower, Blacklight watched as usual, as the thousands of stars danced acrossed the sky. They never hit the earth, they just simply flashed by, that is until this night. Flying at full speed a meteor was headed next to the Blacklight's village. After impact, the young boy, being naturally curious, tailed the explosion. Approaching the scene the boy would fearlessly hop down into the ruble in which the crater had caused to examine what was left of the explosion. There, resting in the center of the destruction rested the world's first magical gem. Inching closer to  focus his view the boy would mistakenly interact with the gem, having tripped forward, grabbing it in a desperate attempt to stop his fall. Upon contact with the gem, the two would fuse with the Blacklight forced into a deep sleep.

A week later, after having proclaimed the boy dead, the villagers gathered together for his funeral. Mourning over the fallen clansmen the unthinkable happens, Blacklight awakes. Taking consideration of the time period , this was labeled a spiritual blessing that was bestowed upon them by the gods. Through the mist of celebration, Blacklights elder sister who would soon be known as God Mage despised it all. Religion? Blessings? It was all rubbish in her eyes, everything was to be explained through logic and reason. After the celebration it is said that Blacklight was able to perform miracles for his clan resulting in wealth, land, and health. Having received a lot of praise for his recent actions God Mage would soon act in jealousy and discover the origins of his power.  

Night after countless night, She'd steal strands of hair and other DNA substances where shed examine it in the ways of the old witch craft. After the next three years of this routine she'd finally created her own artificial gem. She'd then test it on the villages children who often were unsupervised by their elders. After countless experiments gone wrong her actions were found out and resulted of her permanent banishment from the land she called home...

As years and generations passed, Blacklight who'd realized he was immortal a long time ago due to the aid of the gem decided to dedicate the rest of his life educating the chosen ones who now possess gems for media showers occur annually. His initial goal was to teach these groups of people how to control and operate their new found powers, not for war but to simply coexist with normal people. These intentions were recently modified after a modified gem was recently spotted in a remote location causing unspeakable damage and numerous casualties.

After reading the reports only one thing can be assumed in Blacklight's eyes, His elder sister had successfully executed here experiment in recreating his gem and  has too become immortal. Now thanks to all her research and the aid of modern day technology shes able to produce an army of artificial gems. Although her intentions are uncertain one thing can be made certain of. With an opposing threat threatening the safety of the world, its time to step up the curriculum at Blacklight  Academy in the art of combat...
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